The beginning of Sevyarynets trial (Photo and Video report)

11 мая 2011 18:38  |  News

The hearing of the case of co-chairperson of the steering committee for the creation of “Belarusian Christian Democracy”, the head of Vital Rymasheusky’ headquarters Pavel Sevyarynets began in Minsk Zavadski District Court at 10 a.m. on May 11 .Iryna Khalip (wife and an authorised representative of ex-presidential candidate, Andrej Sannikau) and Sergey Martseleu (the head of Mikalaj Statkievich’ headquarters during the presidential elections 2010) are judged together with Seviarynets. They are accused of “organization and preparation for actions rudely violating the order or active participation in them”. 


The trial will be resumed at 10 a.m. on May 12.

14:52 Sevyarynets has been allowed to ask Halip a question and he only stated: “Iryna Uladzimirauna is a very brave woman”.

The hearing will be resumed at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

14.50 Halip says that the bill of particulars is far-fetched and full of terms used in pioneer camps. She has pled not guilty. “The only thing that I can admit is that some passengers reached their bus stops 15 or 20 minutes later than usual. However, the presidential cortege blocks traffic in the avenue the same way”.

14.40 Halip: “Being a journalist, how could I stay in October Square, how could I leave my husband? I think it would be worse if people had not entered the traffic way. It would have been another Nyamiha tragedy”. The events in Independence Square are not part of Halip’s case, says the lawyer in response to questions about broken panes. Iryna says that she could only see her colleagues’ backs near the House of the Government. Iryna has given a detailed description of the way she and her husband were beaten. “We were detained illegally; the policemen did not even introduce themselves. They booted my husband while he was lying on the ground. I was told that I had been detained only in the police car. They were beating us illegally although we did not try to resist”.Iryna has called the accusation absurd.

14.20 Iryna Halip is giving evidence. She says that she was Sannikau’s representative because she was ready to help her husband with everything. 

“I said that the election might be rigged. I did not make it up, Lukashenka admitted that the election had been rigged and that he had ordered to change the election result. I was not the first person who said it, I only repeated it”, – reports Radio Liberty quoting Halip. 


14.05 The interrogation of witnesses continues after the break. Sevyarynets has refused to give evidence. “The things I may say will be used against me and against other people. It is not a criminal case, it is a disguised political case. Even our Lord Jesus Christ, accused of political crimes, refused to testify to unjust court. Within more than 4 months I was detained, not only did not give to meet with relatives, and not even allowed a priest toconfess and receive communion”, – says Sevyarynets. 


12.55. Martsaleu’s interrogation is over. Rest until 2 p.m. 
12.40. Syarhei Martsaleu has pled guilty to urging people to come to the Square, walking in the traffic way and blocking traffic. “My participation in the action corresponded to my views and my participation in the election campaign”, reports quoting Martsaleu. 11.50. The prosecutor is using the following phrases in his speech: “acts of crime rudely violating the order, unlawful mass disorders, illegal demands and disobedience to the legal actions of the government”.Halip urged to come to October Square many times “using far-fetched accusations of the lack of democracy during the election”. 

According to the prosecutor, Sevyarynets and Halip “gave a personal example to people” and “refused to leave the traffic way”.

Syarhei Martsaleu has pled guilty. Syvyarynets and Halip have pled not guilty.
11.15 The judge has declined the request to change Halip’s measure of restraint. The judge has referred to the Criminal Code of Practice and to the fact that the defendant is accused of “a moderately severe offense”, informs Radio Liberty.
10:51 Bahtsina says that Halip cannot even write letters to her husband Andrei Sannikau. It is necessary to change the measure of restraint at least because Halip is the only bread-winner in the family. 

Martsaleu is sitting on the bench while Sevyarynets is standing for some reason, reports

Prosecutor Zhukouski thinks that the lawyer’s requests have to be declined. Nevertheless, judge Brysina has allowed inviting additional witnesses. Halip’s awards have been added to the case. The judge has decided to leave the court room to make a decision about the change of Iryna’s measure of restraint.

10:40. Judge Brysina has declined Sevyarynets’ recusation. She thinks that the distrust to the administration of justice is not a good reason to refuse from the hearing.

Lawyer Mushynski has requested to interrogate witnesses for the defense. The majority of them are members of the Belarusian Christian Democracy. There are more than ten of them.

Lawyer Bahtsina is asking to take Halip’s awards in Belarus and abroad into account. She is also asking to change Halip’s measure of restraint to release on recognizance instead of a house arrest, informs “Nasha Niva”. 


The beginning of Sevyarynets trial (Photo and Video report)
The beginning of Sevyarynets trial (Photo and Video report)
The beginning of Sevyarynets trial (Photo and Video report)
The beginning of Sevyarynets trial (Photo and Video report)
The beginning of Sevyarynets trial (Photo and Video report)





Photo and Video report of the BCD press-service

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