Statement of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party: stop to lawlessness and violence!

13 ліпеня 2011 18:09  |  News

A violent crackdown on peaceful citizens, who silently protested against the politics of the Belarusian regime, took place on 3 July 2011 at Pryvakzalnaja Square in Minsk nearby the Central Railway Station. Unidentified persons in civil clothes threw pregnant Katsiaryna Radzivilka into a prisoner transport vehicle. The woman asked them why they grab people including her husband, who tried to intercede for the demonstrators. The detainees asked to release at least the pregnant woman; however, the unknown security forces personnel just laughed at the requests as eyewitnesses reported. Katsiaryna was taken to a district police department and kept there for more than two hours. Her husband was taken away and sentenced to ten days in prison for “hooliganism.”

As a result of these violent actions and received stress Katsiaryna lost her baby.

The fact of this bandit attack by the unknown “law enforcement” officers, which has caused the death of an unborn child, can only be regarded as murder.

The BCD demands from the Belarusian authorities to investigate this terrible case. Those, who gave the order to grab innocent people and those who implemented it, should be identified and punished in accordance with the law. We are convinced that sooner or later such investigation will take place.

Beatings, use of physical force and special means against the peaceful citizens of Belarus, who clap their hands or are simply walking in the streets, as well as the lawless courts against them is a crime!

BCD Co-Chairmen: Paval Sieviarynets, Vital Rymasheuski, Alaksiej Shein, Heorhi Dzmitruk

13 July 2011, Minsk

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