Is it the European solidarity?

24 жніўня 2011 14:39  |  News

The Lithuania’s Justice Ministry acknowledged that it passed to the Belarusian authorities details of Belarusian human rights activists bank accounts including those of Ales Byalyatski, who is the head of the prominent Belarusian human rights group ‘Vyasna’, and those of hundreds of other Belarusian citizens. At the same time the Polish court is going to extradite Andrei Zhukavets, who is a political asylum seeker, to the Lukashenka’s regime. All these things are happening at the moment when there are dozens of political prisoners in Belarusian prisons, when Dmitry Dashkevich and Nikita Lihavid are tortured in punishment cells, when people are arrested for clapping their hands on the streets and praying in public plaices, when the police raids, arrests of protesters and politicaly motivated sentences are a daily routine in Belarus.


The action of the Lithuanian Ministry of Justice and the decision of Bialystok court in Poland can be described only as a knife in the back of the Belarusian democracy.


Belarusian Christian Democracy party calls on political leaders of Lithuania and Poland as well as the European Union officials to stop immediately all their actions that contribute to political violence against democratically minded Belarusians and to express their solidarity with those who find themselves under the attack of the authoritarian regime.


The European prospects of Belarus are very much dependent on how morally the EU will act during the struggle for Belarusian democracy.

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