The BCD submits the application for legal registration to the Ministry of Justice

21 снежня 2011 18:40  |  News

On 20 December 2011 the BCD has already submitted the documents for registration to the Belarusian Ministry of Justice.

The BCD executive secretary, Dzianis Sadouski, reported that there were no comments or questions at the submission from the Ministry, which has a month to check the documents according to the law.

“It was already not difficult to prepare the documents this time. Therefore, already on the second day after the Congress we were able to do it. There are no doubts that this as well the decision on registration will be political, not juridical,” – said Mr. Sadouski.

In all previous cases the authorities applied pressure on the BCD founders to make them deny their signatures.


The fourth Belarusian Christian Democracy Party Constituent Congress took place on 17 December 2011 in Minsk and gathered 108 delegates from all over Belarus and more than 350 guests.

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