The Belarusian Ministry of Justice freezes the process of the BCD registration for a month

18 студзеня 2012 20:04  |  News

According to Dzianis Sadouski, the BCD executive secretary, the registration is suspended due to the fact on 22 December 2011 the MoJ requested from the BCD additional documents to be sent by 5 January 2012. The Belarusian Christian Democracy Party considers the MoJ decision to suspend the registration of the Party as illegal.

“The order of registration of political parties is regulated by the law, which includes also the list of registration documents. We have provided all necessary documents to the MoJ on 20 December 2011 and at that moment the Ministry did not have any additional requests or comments. After a couple of days they sent a letter demanding other four documents, which are not compulsory for registration, e.g. the certificate that the organisation, which will provide us legal address, has the right to do so.”

The requested documents were sent within the given period; however, the MoJ ignored this and informed the BCD that the party registration is suspended for a month.

“We have fulfilled even those demands of the MoJ, which are not covered by the law,” – said Mr. Sadouski. On 6 January the Ministry pretended that the documents were not provided and decided to suspend the registration of the party. The official letter reached us on 11 January. On 12 January we sent an official protest to the Ministry against this decision”.

If the MoJ will not change its decision, the BCD will appeal against it in the court and inform the international bodies.

The BCD Constituent Congress took place on 17 December 2011 in Minsk.

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