Belarusian Ministry of Justice to suspend registration of Young Christian Democrats

17 студзеня 2013 08:00  |  News

The Young Christian Democrats (YCD) received a letter from the Ministry of Justice on 14 January 2013, in which the Ministry announced suspension of registration of the public association “Young Christian Democrats” for a month.
The Ministry of Justice demands from YCD additional documents, which are not mentioned in the Law on public organisations. YCD’s leadership does not intend to submit those documents and as they believe that the data will be used to fabricate a case of non-registration of the association.
The constituent assembly of the public organisation “Young Christian Democrats” took place in Minsk on 3 November, 2012.
“The constituent assembly itself and the procedure of signing the YCD registration documents by the founders was recorded on video. These files will certainly be shown in the court, if YCD will be officially denied registration,” – the chairwoman of YCD, Maryna Khomich, said.

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