Call for an East European Democratic Forum

03 ліпеня 2013 09:27  |  News

The Belarusian Christian Democracy is preparing a joint East European Democratic Forum for an effective response to the Russian chauvinist policies and authoritarianism,which is amplified in the region of the Eastern Europe.

The BCD calls for the united effort of democratic forces in the Eastern Europe, primarilythe countries participating in the programme “Eastern Partnership” – Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Statement of the National Council of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party

against Russian occupation policies and for the consolidation of democratic forces in the Eastern Europe.

Belarusian Christian Democrats strongly condemn the deployment of a Russian military base on the territory of Belarus, as an act contrary to the provisions of the Belarusian Constitution and directed against the national interests.

We declare the following:

The numerous attempts to resuscitate the imperial chauvinist policy of the ruling circles in Russia and political powers in the governments of the neighbouring post-Soviet statesdependent thereon are a threat to the cultural, economic and political independence of the peoples of Eastern Europe and contradict the national interests of the Eastern European countries.

The efforts to revive the policy of the USSR and establish an authoritarian form of government as the accepted norm for the Eastern Europe carries a threat not only to the peaceful and prosperous existence of the peoples of these countries, but also to peace and sustainable development of the whole of Europe.

The geopolitical danger that is embodied in military attacks on the neighbouring countries (actual occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the escalation of the conflict in Transnistria), the deployment of Russian military bases on the territory of other countries, efforts to create the Eurasian Union as a resuscitation of the USSR, requires aconsolidated response of all European democratic forces.

The democratic community in the Eastern Europe, primarily in the countries participating in the “Eastern Partnership” programme – Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan needs to stand together in order to effectively confront Kremlin authoritarian plan.

Belarusian Christian Democrats call for cooperation of all democratic forces in the Eastern Europe for the protection of democracy and human rights, national cultural, economic, and political independence of our countries.

We urge the democratic political parties to establish a permanent platform for cooperation, joint political and public companies in the region.

As a first step we propose to organise a joint East European Democratic Forum in 2013, which will approve the principal objectives and plans for campaigns in defense of the independence and democracy in Eastern Europe from the Russian expansion.

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