Pavel Seviarynets to be released on 19 October 2013

16 кастрычніка 2013 11:31  |  News

BCD co-chairman, Pavel Seviarynets, expects his last day of imprisonment, which is the coming Saturday, 19 October 2013.

Pavel Seviarynets was arrested on 20 December 2010 in Minsk after the peaceful protest against the falsified results of the presidential elections in Belarus in 2010. He was sentenced to three years of penal labour on 16 May 2011 for “preparation of actions rudely violating the order”. Seviarynets spent part of the term in KGB prison.

During the time of imprisonment Seviarynets received more that 2,500 letters of support, wrote 80 essays for “Nasha Niva” newspaper, and naturally actively contributed to the BCD Party activities. 


The BCD members, his family and friends will gather in Kuplin, Brest region, to greet Pavel on his release on 19 October. We invite you to join us in this event.

On 20 October Pavel Seviarynets will take part in the Congress of Young Christian Democrats in Minsk.

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