BCD stands in Minsk caused hysterical reaction of the authorities

04 лютага 2014 13:54  |  News

The Belarusian Christian Democracy Party is outraged by the actions of “members” of election commissions in Minsk and the security forces in plain clothes and in uniform.

On 02 February BCD speakers (candidates at the local elections 2014) and members of their initiative groups experienced unprecedented pressure while campaigning at the elections stands in Minsk. They were taken video of at very close range, received violent threats and were insulted. Representatives of election commissions disrupted the campaign and demanded to remove “unregistered” national white-red-white symbolics. 

Also threats were pronounced against activists, who collected signatures for regulations of alcohol sale and treatment of alcoholism. It was possible to avoid detentions by the police only thanks to the mass support of ordinary citizens.
The BCD notes that the government used new methods of repression, which violate existing legislation including the right to freedom of expression. All this testifies to the fact that the local elections campaign of Lidzia Yarmoshina, head of the Central Elections Committee, is nothing else but a well-organized show. There are no elections in Belarus; therefore, the BCD uses this campaign to strengthen resistance to the regime.
However, it should be noted that the Belarusians responded well to the BCD stands. They were not just willing to support the alternative to the current government with their signatures, but also protected the activists from violence.

The BCD will not leave the acts of violence without attention and will submit appropriate statements to the prosecutors and human rights organizations.

The photos from the BCD stands in Minsk see here: Kamarouski Marketsupermarket “Belarus”supermarket ” Hippo” , shopping center “Globo”cinema “Kiev”.

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