Belarusian Christian Democrats condemn acts of violence by the Belarusian authorities against LGBT community in Belarus.

12 лютага 2014 17:31  |  News

Belarusian Christian Democracy Party co-chairman Vital Rymasheuski said: “Acts of abuse and violence by the Lukashenko regime against LGBT community are just as unacceptable as in the case of the whole Belarusian society. Therefore Belarusian Christian Democrats equally condemn acts of violence by the authorities against the LGBT community in Belarus as in relation to other groups of citizens of our country.
Unfortunately, illegal repressions have become one of the essential tools of the regime’s ruling. Repressions are being actively applied to opposition youth organizations, political parties, churches. Now the authorities are using the same methods towards LGBT.
Under the guise of Christianity, the official propaganda is deliberately trying to create contradictions between the church and the democratic institutions of the country.
The position of Lukashenko regime has nothing to do with Christianity, but simply is a consequence of the post-Soviet totalitarian thinking, in which any minority, any “other” – Jews, homosexuals, dissidents , Christians, etc. – are enemies . And all those who are beating gay persons have nothing to do with Christians – this is fascism. “

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