Dzianis Sadouski detained at polling station

23 сакавіка 2014 18:30  |  News

Dzianis Sadouski, the general secretary of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party organizing committee, a national coordinator of the Right of Choice campaign, who is an election agent of a candidate for deputy Maxim Hacak (the constituency N 20), was detained at the polling station N 53. 
At first, the election committee chairman and his vice didn’t want to let Dzianis Sadouski come into the polling station. Sadouski told them that he was going to write an official complaint on their illegal activities. After that they didn’t let Dzianis leave the polling place and called the police.
The police took Dzianis Sadouski for alcohol examination and then to the pretrial detention center. On the 24th of March, he will be tried, being accused of disorderly conduct.
At the pretrial detention center Dzianis was denied having parcels. 
The demands to release the election agent of a candidate for deputy were sent to the Central Electoral Commission, the General Prosecutor’s Office, to the Regional Office of Internal Affairs. The Central Electoral Commission chairwoman Lidziya Yarmoshyna commented that, “The Central Electoral Commission will not give legal evaluation of the mentioned authorities’ actions. That’s why Your demand doesn’t fall within the competence of the Central Electoral Commission”. 
Belarusian Christian democrats believe that detainment and imprisonment of Dzianis Sadouski, a national coordinator of the Right of Choice campaign, is yet more proof of the government’s attempt to disrupt independent election monitoring in Belarus.

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