Protests in Valozhyn against constrction houses on bones (Video)

16 ліпеня 2014 11:34  |  News

Residents of Valozhyn (the Minsk district) protested against the construction of apartment buildings on the site of the execution of the Jews.

They collected signatures under the appeal to the local authorities asking to stop the construction works, Radio Svaboda reports.

Activists of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party and the Jewish youth movement Netzer, Stas Turko and Zhenia Klabanau, took part in the picket. The activists had posters “These are graves, not construction works”, “Stop insulting memory” and “No construction on bones of Holocaust victims”.



More than 20 people came to the picket, which was permitted by the authorities.

Piotr Hasparovich, 86, showed the exact place where the first 20 Jews were buried after the execution in 1941. He says more people were executed and buried here later.

The local authorities deny that any remains of the executed people are still at the construction site. They claim all executed Jews were reburied by the Germans.

Hasparovich says the remains can still be found at the stadium. He showed a human bone as a proof.

The picket, which was organised by local resident Heorhi Karzhaneuski, took place on the place of the old stadium in Naberazhnaya Street.

The companies Dan Prodam and Triple plan to build blocks of flats for army officers and workers of Dan Prodam agricultural company.

Triple is among Yury Chyzh’s 18 companies hit by the EU sanctions. Chyzh is banned from entering the EU for providing support to the regime of Lukashenka, also through this company.

Earthworks on the place of future blocks of flats in Valozhyn are carried out on the site of the execution and burial of people, local resident Heorhi Karzhaneuski says.

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