Bulbash and Svayak advertisings to be banned

28 ліпеня 2014 16:59  |  News

The Trade Ministry has sent an answer to the address of the organizing committee for creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, signed by more than 10,000 persons.


The appeal’s aim was to stop involvement of the population by the authorities in alcohol consumption, charter97.org was informed by the press-service of the party.


The authorities were offered to make urgent steps in combat against alcoholization of the population of Belarus. Among the key offers are moving alcohol products from general selling areas into separate rooms, ban on advertising of all kind of umbrella brands (the process of promotion of several goods under one brand), for example, drinking water Bulbash, Svayak; as well as a ban on advertising of beer, assistance to charities which help to overcome alcohol addiction.


In the answer signed by deputy minister of trade, Iryna Narkevich, it is informed that the ministry had prepared and in accordance with the established procedure submitted for consideration draft amendments to the Law “On Advertising”, which offers provisions for a ban of umbrella brands. At the same time the Trade Ministry, referring to other ministries, finds moving alcohol beverages in separate trade areas impossible.

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