BCD regrets the death of Algirdas Patackas

03 красавіка 2015 19:14  |  News

The Belarusian Christian Democracy Party expresses regret over the death of Lithuanian politician Algirdas Patackas.
Algirdas Patackas was a friend of the BCD, participated in partnership events, during which he shared experience of dealing with the totalitarian Soviet regime during the communist occupation of Lithuania.
It is not only the Lithuanian politics and public, who suffers a loss with the departure Patackas , but the whole anti-totalitarian movement, an outstanding example of which was the deceased.
“Algirdas Patackas was a giant of the Lithuanian politics, the Lithuanian national revival, who had gone through the dungeons of the KGB and whose position was a strong foundation stone of the Lithuanian independence. He had a sincere and open heart to the enslaved nations, including Russia and Belarus; he sympathized with us and shared his experience of struggle. Patackas’ heritage belongs not only to Lithuania, but also to all the peoples, who have suffered under the yoke of totalitarianism. May his memory be eternal! “- Said Vital Rymasheuski.

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