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Dzianis Sadouski detained at polling station

23/03/2014  |  English 

Dzianis Sadouski, the general secretary of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party organizing committee, a national coordinator of the Right of Choice campaign, who is an election agent of a candidate for deputy Maxim Hacak (the constituency N 20), was detained at the polling station N 53. 

Minsk residents suing Minsk City executive committee

13/03/2014  |  English 

In August 2013 with the support of the initiative "Our Kuncaushchyna and the organizational committee for creation of the party Belarusian Christian Democracy Minsk residents collected over 500 signatures under the demand to hold public hearings on the issue of high content of chlorine in potable water in Minsks October, Moscow and Frunze districts, BChDs press-service reports.

Political prisoner Vaskovich doesn't receive letters

10/03/2014  |  English 

Political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovich has problems with mail again.

Vital Rymasheuski: Dictators use sport for their dirty purposes

10/03/2014  |  English 

The West still has time to cancel the Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk and show its real political values.

YCD calls to boycott Russian goods

04/03/2014  |  English 

The Young Christian Democrats call on the people of Belarus to declare a boycott on the goods manufactured in Russia, the BCD press service reports.

Vital Rymasheuski: Regime is preparing lists for case of mass repressions

04/03/2014  |  English 

Registration of organizational structures of parties is Belarusian authorities reaction to the events in Ukraine.

Belarusian Christian Democrats condemn acts of violence by the Belarusian authorities against LGBT community in Belarus.

12/02/2014  |  English 

Belarusian Christian Democracy Party co-chairman Vital Rymasheuski said: "Acts of abuse and violence by the Lukashenko regime against LGBT community are just as unacceptable as in the case of the whole Belarusian society. Therefore Belarusian Christian Democrats equally condemn acts of violence by the authorities against the LGBT community in Belarus as in relation to other groups of citizens of our country.

BCD stands in Minsk caused hysterical reaction of the authorities

04/02/2014  |  English 

The Belarusian Christian Democracy Party is outraged by the actions of "members of election commissions in Minsk and the security forces in plain clothes and in uniform.

Support Yauhen Vaskovich!

16/01/2014  |  English 

The Belarusian Christian Democracy Party calls on its partners and all concerned persons to express support to Belarusian political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovich. Since October 2011 he spent 247 days in a penal cell.

BCD's decision concerning the way of its involvement in the next local elections campaign

19/11/2013  |  English 

In early November 2013 the Belarusian Christian Democracy's National Council took the decision concerning the way of BCD's involvement in the next local elections campaign. The local elections are due to take place before 24 March 2014.

Pavel Seviarynets to be released on 19 October 2013

16/10/2013  |  English 

BCD co-chairman, Pavel Seviarynets, expects his last day of imprisonment, which is the coming Saturday, 19 October 2013.

Young Christian Democrats reminded Belarusian people about kidnappings of Hanchar and Krasouski (+ photos)

17/09/2013  |  English 

On the 16thof September Christian democrats hold an informational action in memory of Belarusian politician Viktar Hanchar and businessman Anatol Krasouski.

Hands off our children! - 16-year old daughter of BCD activist abducted on 27 July 2013 in Babruisk

29/07/2013  |  English 

The Belarusian Christian Democracy Party expresses indignation at the wild banditry committed against the daughter of its activist Viachaslau Sheleh from Babruisk (Mahileu region).

Call for an East European Democratic Forum

03/07/2013  |  English 

The Belarusian Christian Democracy is preparing a joint East European Democratic Forum for an effective response to the Russian chauvinist policies and authoritarianism,which is amplified in the region of the Eastern Europe.

Statement by organisers and participants of "Chernobyl Way 2013"

01/05/2013  |  English 

We, the representatives of the public organisations, initiatives, and political parties - members of the organising committee of the annual "Chernobyl Way" dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the Chernobyl radiation disaster - express our protest against the actions of the Belarusian authorities, before, during and after the officially approved events of the "Chernobyl Way " on April 26, 2013.

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